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Character: Ashe (Wedding)
Videogame: Final Fantasy XII
Debut: 10th February 2007
Awards: Best Final Fantasy Costume at Festival del Fumetto 2007
BEST FINAL FANTASY COSPLAY - Festival del Fumetto Novegro 2007.
NadiaSK's Comment:"I love Ashe. I think that she is perfect for me! After Ashe warrior I made this costume.
With this I won as Best Final Fantasy XII Cosplay at Final Fantasy Contest 2007! I was very happy 'cause the award was a FF XII videogame!"

Photo Session by:See You (03th March 2007)↓

Photo Session by:Max Vertua (02nd October 2007)↓


Character: Ashe
Videogame: Final Fantasy XII
Debut: 02th November 2006 ; 10th February 2008 (remake)
Photo Session by:See You (03th March 2007) ; Max Vertua (12th February 2008) [Remake]
NadiaSK's Comment:"Ashe is perfect for me: she is a princess, she is a warrior... I love this character!
I've used the polistirolo for the skill, for the armour I have used a lined cloth plastic for the arms, while for the legs plastic modelled and painted."



Character:Rydia (Amano version)
Videogame:Final Fantasy IV
Debut:24th February 2008 (Fumettopoli - Milano)
Photo Session by:Max Vertua (24th February 2008)
NadiaSK's Comment:"80% complete.I really want finish soon this costume.Do Amano cosplay is very funny, 'cause you can use creativity and invent some particolar!"


Debut:15th August 2008 (Comiket Tokyo 2008)
Photo Session by:Matteo Arienti (16th September 2008)
NadiaSK's Comment:"This is a gift by Cierenani,Thanks!!!"


Videogame:Granado Espada
Debut:Napoli Gamecon 2008
Sponsor Award Videogames Party 2009
Photo Session by:Paolo Cellammare (08th December 2008)
NadiaSK's Comment: "Thanks to Paolo for the shooting.I've really loved make this costume.I've discovered Granado surfing on internet.I'd like play ... but I have Mac, so for now I can only watch the image T_T"