lunes, 9 de enero de 2012


Character: Kadaj
Movie: Final Fantasy VII A.C.
Debut: 01th May 2006
NadiaSK's comment: "Kadaj is a personality I have loved very much in the Final Fantasy movie. 
His beauty, his wickedness and weakness. 
It was from very much time that I wanted to do a male characther and I have thought that he was perfect for me. 
Make this custom it has not been at all easy, in fact I dislike having worn it only for a photoshoot and not also to a contest. 
Sewing the sintetic leather has revealed itself an ardous undertaking, but the result has been excellent. 
Luckily in my wardrobe I already had the leather trousers, found again by chance!"
Photo Session by:Kyle Johnsen (1st December 2006)

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