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NadiaSK and Cosplay~

NadiaSK and Cosplay~

(This is the introduction of NadiaSK's site.I didn't write it)

Hi there! I’m Nadia, otherwise known as Nadiask. Nice to meet you!

First of all, thank you for visiting my web site, I hope you enjoy it!

If you would like to know more about me, please continue to read.

As you have probably already noticed, I am very keen on Japanese culture.
Besides fashion and writing, cosplaying is one of my principal passions. I love sewing cosplay outfit and accessorizes. And I love doing photoshoots, it’s when I feel my most creative!

I have studied Fashion Style and Design, after Fashion Brand Management. 
At this moment I'm working like Fashion Stylist in an important Italian Fashion Magazine! I'm so happy for that!

Besides sewing cosplay outfits, I create and design outfits for everyday life, and I have recently created a line of T-shirts. 
I am a journalist and I write for a few fashion magazines, both online and in print. I love to write and one day I hope to publish my own novel. 
I work also for MTV and other channel. I have led the show “Most Wanted”, a MTV Italy transmission, and I have enjoyed myself very much and it has been a very beautiful experience. 

I have studied at the linguistic secondary school, and I speak English, French and a little bit of German and Spanish. I would very much like to learn to speak and write Japanese ... I wonder, perhaps one day I will! 

I love traveling and I have visited many places, such as the USA, Africa, Japan and obviously good amounts of Europe.

If you want know more about me, fell free to write me an e-mail to, and I will answer you as soon as possible!

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